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From a dream to reality

It is no rarity for a born and raised Greek to have the urge to study Greek archaeology. Living in a place where every corner exudes memories of the greatest ancient civilisation on earth and where the love for antiquities is innate, it is almost a rule. Veta Stefanidou Tsoukala proceeded into this field and took it a step further: through her studies in archaeology and her work in design, she has managed to translate ancient archaeological finds - the clearness of classic forms - into modern architecture and interior design, giving each project she tackles a delightful eccentricity. In collaboration with her husband, the architect Dimitris Tsoukalas, she has founded a firm offering architectural and design services, taking projects from their conception to finish. The results of their ongoing collaboration, include a significant number of houses in the city and countryside, as well as office and apartment buildings in Greece, Paris, London & New York.


Veta Stefanidou Tsoukalas' other long-time collaboration with master interior designer David Hicks was as impulsive and heartfelt as her interest in antiquities. Fascinated by the remarkable new ways that Hicks was playing with Hellenistic forms and colours, she sought from the moment she met him to become - and she became for many years, until his premature end - his associate, eventually creating "David Hicks Greece". Her work honours the principles instilled by this exceptional mentor.


Veta Stefanidou Tsoukalas' spirited independence and strong self-definition have kept her from getting locked into old forms. Instead, she finds new lines, ideas & pathways. When you enter one of her homes, all senses are awakened. The melange of elegant objects with chic "next door finds" gives each room a lively twist. Scale, proportion and architectural details are carefully considered, from furnishings to trim to layout and each one changes the way a space is perceived. She finds and positions materials and colours with precision and distinction and with a relaxed and sophiticated grace.


The end result always has a familiar warmth and sensitivity - as open as she is in person and as friendly as the relationships she establishes with colleagues and clients, who, if they are not yet friends, become so without a doubt. As one recalls, "she gives every home a special allure, a distinctive look, a particular soul. All with the most catching mixture of pride and insecurity. She is a true artist."


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